Lithuanian Research and Studies Center Translation Services
5600 S. Claremont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60636-1039

Director of Translation Services – Danute Petrulis

Contact us by phone: (773) 434-4545, or E-mail:

- English-Lithuanian, Lithuanian-English translations
- We notarize all translations – Notary Public on staff
- We accept documents for translation in person and by mail
- We accept only original documents or notarized copies for translation
- We automatically provide three notarized copies for the translation fee
- We provide a final price quote before beginning the assignment


General documents
Diplomas, Lithuanian birth, death, divorce certificates,
“green cards,” US passports, Lithuanian passports,
Social Security cards, drivers licenses, etc.                               $35.00

US County Records Certificates
Birth, death, marriage, divorce, immigration, and
other certificates of a lengthy or intricate table format                $30.00-$80.00

High School Transcripts
Transcripts alone or combination graduation certificates-
transcripts (generally from Lithuania). Price varies
based upon number of subjects and/or years
completed.                                                                                  $45.00-$85.00

Higher Education
University transcripts and similar addenda to
diplomas of higher education. Price varies
based upon number of subjects and/or
years completed.                                                                        $60.00-$120.00

Letters, articles, text excerpt, court decrees, etc.                       $00.12 per word
                                                                                  minimum $20.00