The Lithuanian Research Center has been compiling Lithuanian periodical publications for over 20 years (for some of the archives – over 50 years). What are periodicals?  They are newspapers, magazines, journals, etc., published in a series, at regular intervals.  Over the last 50+ years, the Lithuanian Research Center has gathered collections of over 2,300 titles of Lithuanian periodical publications, which is probably the largest collection of its kind in the world.

In 1999, with the generous support of the Lithuanian Foundation, Inc., the Lithuanian Research Center began the arduous task of compiling a catalog of its periodical holdings. In an effort to present complete collections in the catalog, contact has been established with the existing publishers of the periodicals, various libraries, other archives, and the Library of Congress. An appeal to the Lithuanian community worldwide has proved a success in that the LRC has received numerous rare, older issues of various periodicals.

To date, the catalog also lists some of the more important collections of Lithuanian periodicals throughout the U.S.  Among them are: the University of Chicago Center for Research Libraries, Kent State University Library, University of Pennsylvania Library, New York Public Library, and University of Pittsburgh Library.

To search the current LRC Periodicals Catalog for a specific Lithuanian publication, type the title you are looking for in the field provided and click on “search.”