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This search will list results for all pages of this website, both Lithuanian and English versions, and also results from the LRSC World Lithuanian Archives inventory. Type in one or several words, then click on “Search” or press the “Enter” key. The search does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters, unless they are Lithuanian characters. For example, capital ‘Ė’ will show only results for capital ‘Ė’, lowercase ‘ė’ will show results only for lowercase ‘ė’. The keyword Ramovėnai will produce results only for words containing a lowercase ‘ė’. Therefore, if you wish to see the results for all the places this word is mentioned, repeat your search using all caps, i.e., RAMOVĖNAI.

You needn’t use the whole word to conduct a search—you may enter only part of a word or a few letters. This is especially recommended for Lithuanian words. For example, if, instead of entering the keyword Ramovėnai, you enter Ramovėn, the search results will include all forms of the word—Ramovėnai, Ramovėnų, Ramovėnams, Ramovėnus, etc.

You can use the symbol * in your search. It stands for up to four additional letters or numbers. For example, if you enter Ramovė* the search results will include Ramovėnas, Ramovėnų, Ramovėnai, etc., but will not provide the word Ramovė in the results.

If you enter two or more words in the search field the results will additionally provide all other websites where one or more of the entered words appears. If you wish to find only the websites where the words you enter are used, then use the symbol + in your search. For example, keywords Lithuanian+museum will find only those websites where both words appear.

The symbol – denotes that a word needn’t necessarily be a website provided in the results. For example, keywords Lithuanian+center-research will find only the website where the words “Lithuanian” and “center” appear without the word “research.”

If you wish to find a specific combination of words or a phrase, use quotation marks. For example, keywords “Jonas Dainauskas” entered using quotation marks will find the websites where these words appear together, but will not find websites where J. Dainauskas, A. Dainauskas or Dainauskas only appear. Search results are sorted starting from the websites where the word or phrase entered in the search appears most frequently.